16 inch Wheel Unicycle Lemon
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16 inch Wheel Unicycle Lemon

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  • Item #: 04UBK001-16-C00
  • Manufacturer: MEGA BRAND
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Just like surfboards and skimboards on sea, skateboards on ground and wire-walking in the air, riding unicycles are also a sport of training your balance and strength.
Not only does it require the trainees' skills, but also it asks for the professional design and quality of the unicycle itself. Thus it is rather important that you choose the right items.
And this is just the one you can start to cycling with - a professional unicycle with top quality and somatological design! Great for both novices and professionals, men and women!!!


  • 16" wheel
  • Eye-catching bright yellow and green combination
  • Rational designed according to somatology & movement features
  • Cotterless steel crank
  • Smooth riding wheel bearing
  • Large saddle in unique design for extra comfort & safety
  • Removable poly-nylon guarding rails on the seat
  • Steel fork with powder coated finish
  • Full-sized nylon pedals with chromoly spindles
  • Extra wide bulged-pattern skid proof rubber tire
  • Height adjustable from 28" to 32"
  • Rather room saving, just leave it in the corner
  • No manual included but item is easy to assemble.
  • Other sizes & colors available (shown in the 2nd picture)

Tips for selecting a suitable unicycle:

Unicycle Size
User Height
Weight Limit

( Seat - Pedal )

Unicycle Height
( Adjustable )

45" - 61"
110 lbs
15" - 29"
28" - 32"
53" - 65"
132 lbs
15" - 30"
30" - 34"
57" - 69"
143 lbs
15" - 32"
32" - 36"
69" or above
154 lbs
17" - 33"
36" - 40"

Remember when you're seated on the unicycle, with one foot on a pedal in its lowest position, your leg should be almost straight.
Other sizes & colors (shown in the 2nd picture) are also available.

To keep in mind:

Novices should ride under the instructions or accompany of your tutors for safety. And the best place for your training is a back deck or a baseball field with a chain-link fence. Pick a grassy area with solid, flat dirt and you can hold onto the fence.